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Which InsertCoin ROM version to choose?

There are several InsertCoin ROM versions and editions, but you shouldn't be put off by their number. Actually, it's quite simple to figure out which version is the right one for you.

The following editions exist:

InsertCoin Sense

This is the normal InsertCoin ROM edition for the HTC Sensation / HTC Sensation XE with latest HTC Sense 3.x.

It exists in two recent versions:

  • InsertCoin ROM latest

    This is the latest version with the hottest new stuff. As of the time of this writing the current version is 2.5.5-2 (but there might already be a newer version when you read this).

  • InsertCoin ROM 2.2.5 SE / InsertCoin ROM 2.2.5 SSE

    This is currently the most stable version of InsertCoin Sense. If you don't always need the latest toys, we recommend you use this instead of the latest branch. SE stands for Second Edition.

InsertCoin Sense 2.1

If you own an HTC Desire, this is the edition for you. InsertCoin ROM for HTC Desire exists in two variants:

  • InsertCoin Sense 2.1 A2SD+

    This is the normal edition with Dalvic Cache on the SD card. If you're unsure which version to use, you might go well with this one.

  • InsertCoin Sense 2.1 CM7

    This is basically the same as the version above, but for devices with (CM7 HBOOT)[]. The advantage is that the Dalvic Cache is placed on the internal memory which is faster. If you have flashed CM7, you may use this variant.

InsertCoin EVO3D-GSM

As you might guess, this is the EVO 3D GSM compatible version of InsertCoin ROM. If you own such a device, use this one.

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