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The InsertCoin ROM documentation is a community-driven project. It stands and falls with the community. And therefore it is open to any contributor. That means you can take part as well. We need you!

The docs are maintained in a Git repository. If you think you can help us out, feel free to contribute! If you don't know how to use Git or what the heck it is, take a look at our Wiki on GitHub.

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InsertCoin ROM Docs

Welcome to the official InsertCoin ROM documentation project. It is a community project which everyone can contribute to. If you like you can take part as well. It's open to anybody. We'd love to hear from you.

Important things to know

InsertCoin is a custom ROM for HTC phones cooked by baadnewz. You can always find the latest versions on with short instructions about requirements and changelog.

Discussion platforms

For discussion about InsertCoin head over to where many development related discussions take place. If you have questions, suggestions or bug reports, you may probably post them there.

InsertCoin also has its own forum at

If you want to chat with other InsertCoin ROM users, use the IRC channel #baadnwz-roms on Also baad is there quite frequently.

An XDA-Developers thread for this documentation also exists. You may use that for discussion related to the docs, but better open an entry in our GitHub issue tracker.


And of course we would also like to mention all the contributors who have worked on this project. You'll find a list in the credits.

About this documentation

This is the documentation for the latest Ice Cream Sandwich branch with Sense 4. This branch is currently in Release Candidate state. So don't expect everything to run as it should, yet. If you need a stable version, better go for InsertCoin 5.x.

There are several variants for Sensation, Desire and EVO as well as older versions of these variants. Have a look at the branches list in the sidebar at the left.

How can I contribute?

The documentation is maintained in a Git repository, which is hosted on GitHub. To find out how to make your own changes to the docs read the tutorials in our little GitHub wiki.

Table of contents

This documentation contains the following pages:

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